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About We Are One
Miles Maeda

One spring day back in 1989, Miles grew tired of his orchestral aspirations and symphonic day-dreams and decided to spend time becoming acquainted with this thing called house music. And as it turned out, this was not just ordinary house; it was in fact ‘acid’ house! Ears perked and consciousness altered, Miles’ life would never be the same again.

Quickly scooting out of his academic setting, Miles settled in the urban jungle of Chicago where he proceeded to merge the worlds of raves, clubs and loft parties, helping to shape what became the second wave of legendary (nay infamous) Chicago DJs, parties and promoters. But as much as Miles worked to immortalize himself through these endeavors, he ducked the wave and opted for a more modest lifestyle in the land of San Diego.

Having suffered the extreme heat and cold of Chi-town as well as a life threatening lack of creativity, Miles holed himself up in the comfort of California and continued to create quiet masterpieces and reflect on life, love and happiness. It was then that he discovered a passion for spiritual practice, so he dug deeper into this work and realized he had a calling to be of service, a Bodhisattva if you will, to all those known and unknown in the party world.

Once all that got straightened out, Miles reemerged with a vengeance! Working to realize his 80s nuwave and 90s house dreams, he began producing such tracks to pay homage to the important musical inspirations in his life. He also created The Traveling Love Show and toured the country with his band of misfits, leaving a trail of bewilderment and disbelief wherever he went. Eventually, he settled back down in California to work with students in his DJ Evolution program to provide a foundation for their musical evolution.

Now he is living in Japan embracing his heritage and producing music such as Manixx Panix listed below.

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