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From Hollywood, California, LackofRAM is recording artist Taylor Martyr, music producer for ActionGoNow and We Are One Records, iOS music, The Rising Sound, Echo Echo, Karina Ware, Sparkalize, and Adrenochrome Music. Started innocently as a remixing side project, LackofRAM quickly took on a life of its own after partnering up with producer/programmer/engineer Nathan Jenkins. They were approached by several independent artists to begin sculpting new smashing electro beats and epic big-room dance mixes for the masses.

One of these remixes was for indie-rock band Echo Echo, and the ensuing track “Good Morning (LackofRAM remix)” was quickly licensed to Andy Caldwell’s label Uno Recordings and has since been garnering attention from many well known international DJ’s. LackofRAM also got the chance to put its stank on a number of original projects including new electro-pop diva Sparkalize, as well as remix work for Tiesto's Black Hole Recordings with recording artist credit on Shine featuring Chris Carter released in this spring of 2012.

Lack of RAM is easily aroused by the thought of misbehaving computers, bad memory chips and unruly motherboards. Technology doesn’t always work the way its supposed to and LackofRAM has embraced these inherent flaws as a form of musical expression; making living art out of digital imperfections and syntax errors. Guess you can chalk it up to life. Only a species as flawed as man could make such beautiful mistakes.  Combined with smooth vocal hooks from exclusive remix artists, a strong sense of melody and form and the use of subtle textures to bombastic dynamics, LackofRAM has carved out a new spot for itself in the sonic spectrum.

More from LackofRAM at ActionGoNow •  LackofRAM on MySpaceLackofRAM on Soundcloud

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