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Jef Skot

DJ, producer, and remixer Jef Skot could be called an "extremist" when it comes to love for electronic music. Originally from Southern California, Jef began his music career in 1986 as part of Noize Bend, an industrial act in Chicago. Following the evolution of electronic music and dance, he quickly developed an ear for the house music that was developing in Chicago in 1988, and subsequently began collecting records.

From these beginnings, Jeff returned to Southern California where he teamed up with the Global Underworld Network, promoters of legendary events such as Narnia,Wild Kingdom, and Future World (and a multitude of smaller raves and nightclub events). During the past 10 years Jef has traveled the US demonstrating his turntable skills to audiences from 100 to 10,000 people.He can now be found at all the Natural Flavor as well as Native Alien, Siesta Music, and We Are One events in California.

Jef''s releases on vinyl: ZoneSmut with Steve Pagan; Taste in Television and the Remixes; Down on All Fours (with remixes by SubDub of Plus 8 Records, Legion of Green Men, and Mark Broom from the U.K.); Otherworld Experiment with (NikNak of Global Underworld Network); and The New Old School Leaders of JahWah on 10" (with a remix by Nobby Bullox), on SAD (Sunglasses After Dark) and RadioMeat Records

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