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About We Are One

From San Diego, California

Gyber produced the Gluttonous Fonck remix for the iOS featuring Karina Ware Sustenance 12" record released in March of 2002 by We Are One Records for the annual Miami Winter Music Conference.

Each major city throughout the world has its own signature brand of club music. As you travel throughout the world, you can easily pick up the scent and follow the trail. Most musical artists are the product of their particular surroundings, language and culture. They radiate that which they are immersed in. They stay where they are comfortable. Some artists rise above it all, transcending to a place that is affected and influenced only by the beat of a heart, or of blood rushing through veins.

This primordial approach is not the norm, and is only enjoyed by a few who are brave enough to BE it. Gyber is one such act. Their sonic signature is as much at home in New York as it is in Berlin. You are as much likely to run into it on a street corner in Paris, as you are in a back alley of Bangkok. Gyber possess the unique ability to subversively tickle the soul, or overtly knock down the borders of the human psyche. Their brand of music takes on many forms and avoids all comparison. So listen up, open up and give it up for Gyber.

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