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Daisy Glow

Daisy Glow is the legendary San Francisco Acid House Act, entrancing the city's underground with their acid bass reflux and psycotropical mental journies. Successful in merging the many forms of house, trance and other electronic dance subgenres. Kelix and Mouse are true producers of good old-fashioned house music.

The Daisy Glow project originally started in the midwest in 1987, as the artists were influenced by the sounds that were coming out of Chicago, being played by Djs at college house parties.

After relocating to San Francisco in 1990, they quickly became the darlings of the early San Francisco rave scene, making believers out of those who attended parties such as:Toon Town, A Rave Called Sharon, Mr. Floppy's Flop House, The Whoopie Ball, and The DNA Lounge.

The Daisy Glow sounds have that good old house music dance-ability full of fresh beats and funky horns. Take a listen, you will surely be licking your lips asking for more of their musical magic!

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