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About We Are One

About We Are One Recording Artist Network

We Are One (WAO) is represented by a group of musicians, recording artists and professional DJs who are dedicated to the production and distribution of Music, Media and Messages with a positive contribution to humanity. Many of us have been producing music and events in California since the late 1980's. We have collectively created and produced thousands of live multimedia music experiences with events in San Diego, Los Angeles, San Francisco, Miami, Las Vegas and in Hawaii, as well as continue to produce all sizes of events that bring us closer together through the power of dance music.

Our Mission is to utilize the power of music to unite souls and dissolve the illusion of separation. As music is the universal common denominator for all of humanity, it is through harmony that we are able to connect with the part of ourselves in our DNA which remembers that we are all here as one global family. Our vision is that through music, we will all become fully-realized conscious co-Creators who are responsible for our collective planetary future.

Through the transformative energy of the Age of Aquarius, thought seeds that were planted in humanity thousands of years ago have now grown into a living organism that has impacted our planet through presenting a simple yet powerful idea...We Are One. Now, in the 21st Century, science is revealing that everything in the universe is connected as one conscious living being and that we are all collectively creating our reality through our own shared consciousness.

Once known as underground house or techno music, this modern dance music has grown to become the standard format of not only broadcasted music at dance events and nightclubs all over the world, but also in movies, television, commercials, sporting events and more. At the same time, on any given night of the week, be assured that people are coming together to enjoy house music in every city on Earth. This global phenomenon is happening because music brings us back to ourselves in a way that no other artform is capable of doing.

Our associations in the music and dance world run very deep. United through our mission, we are connected to legendary promoters and organizations like Tribe Productions, the Global Underworld Network, World Evolution, Moonshine, Mecca, Pauli P, Another World, Evar, Playscool, Nebulous, L.I.F.E., Channel 36, Jungle Boogie, Go Ventures, Insomniac, B3, GreenAddict, Universal Rhythm, Huebeing Embassies, the Cuban Coalition, Generations, and Earthdance, as well as thousands of music producers and promoters from all over the world.

Much Love to All.

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